Nationwide Forensic Structural Engineering Services

Excellence in Geotechnical Forensic Analysis and Modeling

Forensic Structural Engineering – The Mystery Solver

Providing uncompromised excellence and unparalleled expertise in Forensic Structural Engineering.

Based on over 20 years’ experience of nationally recognized forensic structural investigation, Bryant Consultants have assembled a truly state-of-the-art laboratory containing the finest product analysis equipment available.  The team is committed to providing the highest quality of forensic engineering and expert witness services to our clients.

We describe Forensic structural engineering as a general application of engineering principles to the investigation of failures and/or other performance issues, and in many cases involves testimony on the findings of these investigations before a court of law.

We provide structural forensic investigation services for a variety of Bryant Consultants clientele across the country including homeowners, builders, contractors, insurance companies, and law firms.  Furthermore, our engineering consultants also serve as expert witnesses for investigations and litigation.

Our forensic structural engineering services include insights in the area of:

  • Cause and origin
  • Buildings defects
  • Construction defects
  • Structural damage assessment
  • Building structural assessments
  • Structural foundation collapse and assessment
  • Forensic damage inspections
  • Site investigation
  • Structural forensic investigation services concerning soil-structure interactions
  • Testing, technical research, and analysis of the information using the Geoneering™ multi-dimensional approach

By fully assessing the technical evidence, accurately interpreting and documenting the collected data and facts on each case, utilizing the laws of science, engineering and physics, we are able to successfully develop and critique the associated structural repair specifications as necessary.  Our highly accredited experts are able to successfully address the task in hand with outstanding Forensic investigation and Expert Witness Testimony capabilities.

With our onsite, innovative laboratory, our team of engineers has a strong foundation to conduct the prescribed investigations, perform a variety of forensic structural analysis and outcomes, and in turn reach sound conclusions based on evidence supported by engineering principles and a pure scientific method.