Geotechnical & Geological Engineering

Excellence in Geotechnical Forensic Analysis and Modeling

Know-How Proven By Twenty Years Of Problem Solving

Designing solutions with our extensive knowledge of soil and rock behavior, geology, groundwater flow, and earth science.

Geotechnical Engineering is a deliberate blend of art and science. Expert geotechnical planning is an essential part of structural engineering, and can be seen in most construction projects. In our experience we understand that during the planning stage it’s crucial to assess all risks and avoid mistakes, which ultimately could prove difficult to remediate further down the line.

The reality is that geotechnical engineering decisions can have considerable project performance, safety and even cost consequences. Therefore, in addition to technical competence, it’s critical that geotechnical engineering require experience, a pragmatic approach and deep understanding of construction.

Bryant Consultants Geotechnical and Geological Analysis Services

Our team provides the following services to solve complex problems:

  • Pier and foundation design calculations
  • Local and global stability analysis
  • Soil heave/collapse calculations (estimated vertical movement, collapse potential, etc.)
  • Soil laboratory testing
  • Geotechnical borings
  • Piezometer and inclinometer installation and monitoring
Triaxial Testing

With over 22 years of expertise Bryant Consultants has built an impeccably solid, geotechnical engineering foundation enabling us to provide solutions through the utilization of exclusive techniques and disciplines developed by its research and development team. You can be assured your project will receive technically competent, high quality, timely, pragmatic and creative geotechnical engineering design and construction solutions.

Bryant Consultants offers highly rated LSI® geoenvironmental engineering and related advisory services, such as conducting soil resistivity and soil boring analysis for the construction industry.  These services are a risk assessment and mitigation tool used to identify high-risk areas within a residential or commercial development prior to design and construction.