Geotechnical Laboratory

Excellence in Forensic Analysis and Modeling

Research and Analysis Based On Soil and Material Samples To Reveal The Truth

Committed to providing clients with high-quality laboratory testing services for both soil and rock – advancing the state of geotechnical engineering.

Bryant Consultants’ lab space boasts with innovation and provides an ideal backdrop for testing soil, concrete, asphalt and other materials used in construction and like projects globally.

We provide extensively trained personnel and modern testing equipment to verify compliance of soils, concrete, asphalt and more. Our systematic approach to any desired procedure or specification, begins with collecting soil samples taken from geotechnical borings performed in the field and then executing a series of tests to characterize the soil both quantitatively and qualitatively. We then use the results to make informed engineering conclusions and recommendations throughout the rest of our business.

We offer a multitude of testing and support services to our clients and are uniquely positioned to perform testing that other companies don’t offer.

Our testing services are heavily focused on and are part of subsurface evaluations. This can include various laboratory tests such as:

  • Moisture contents
  • Atterberg limits
  • Sieve analysis
  • Total soil suction
  • Unconfined compression
  • Hydrometer testing
  • Triaxial and direct shear testing
  • Electrical resistivity, and
  • Free swell testing.
Sample Prep
Atterberg Limits
Atterberg Limits
Triaxial Testing
Triaxial Testing
Hydrometer Testing
Hydrometer Testing
Consolidation Testing
Consolidation Testing

In addition, we perform direct shear and triaxial tests to determine the long-term strength properties at a range of different normal stresses, which allows for accurate long-term slope stability analyses.

Working seamlessly together, our lab engineers integrate across multiple areas within the organization and assist with expert testing not only in soil, but construction materials and geophysical testing as well.