Multi-Disciplinary Geoforensic Analysis

Geological Engineering and Numerical Modeling Complemented By Geotechnical Laboratory Soil Assessment

Insights Based On Data and Modeling To Uncover Truth

For over 20 years, Bryant Consultants has provided geotechnical forensic solutions and numerical modeling services for risk reduction pre and post construction to corporations and civil entities across various project types including residential and commercial construction, state and local governments, construction litigation, forensic claim assessment for insurance companies and more.

Our services are unique in that we employ a multi-disciplinary approach combining several geophysical analysis methods and leading technologies in distinct expertise areas including:

Bryant Consultants Approach To Geotechnical Forensic Analysis

For forensic investigations, our team follows a proven approach designed to uncover the truth of the cause based on our proven process and over two decades of knowhow.

Whether our team is called upon to assess the cause of a foundation problem or a more extensive incident like a failed retaining wall, our multi-disciplinary approach to investigative construction forensics is employed. Additionally our numerical modeling expertise combined with geophysical modeling services for in-depth site analysis make the Bryant Consultants outcomes reliable and defensible.

We encourage you to learn more about our proven approach by contacting our practice lead. Then you will be able to share your needs and our team will define the next steps to solving your problem.